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Quattro Acon Cleaner


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QUATTRO Acon Cleaner

Quattro Acon Cleaner is a high foam liquid concentrate for the effective removal of lime deposits, brass, copper and aluminium
tarnish, rust mag wheel and radiator cleaner. Quattro Acon Cleaner can be used for safe and super quick cleansing of toilet
bowls, baths, basins, taps, air conditioners, pipes, kettles and urns, etc and for light oil stains and lime deposits on bricks, paving
and tiles. Dilute 3:1 with water for mag-wheel cleaning. Apply and clean with a paintbrush and rinse with clean water.
Quattro Acon Cleaner can be used in concentrated form in kettles, baths, brass and copper fitting’s, pipes, ornaments, etc. Pour
Quattro Acon into a bowl and dip object into solution for a few seconds, lift our object and rinse with clean water. (Certain
types of metals may require polishing after treatment.) Quattro Acon is inhibited non-corrosive to metals. To remove lime
deposits in toilets, add 100 ml to water in bowl, scrub lightly to remove rust deposits and leave standing for 1-2 hours. Flush for
a fresh super clean bowl. When treating kettles, rinse with fresh water after treatment till no foam is present. Quattro Acon can
be used over and over.
For air conditioners, spray on radiator with trigger pack. Leave 10-15 minutes and rinse with high pressure water to remove oil,
dust and lime. Always ensure unit is switched off at mains. Quattro Acon Cleaner is non-corrosive and will not affect rubber,
plastic or polystyrene. Quattro Acon Cleaner removes oils, greases, lime, hard water scale deposits and metal oxides from metal
surfaces such as copper, brass, aluminium and iron. Apply with spray or brush and allow 1 minute before rinsing off with water.
For eliminating lime and urea scales in toilets urinals, basins. Apply to bowls, taps, tiles, and grout etc. Allow a period to remove
deposits and rinse to neutralise with clean water. The product is passivating to most metal surfaces. Quattro Acon cleaner can
also be diluted with 50 parts of water and circulated through cooling towers removing scale, rust and residual oily deposits.
Physical Properties
Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
Specific gravity: 1,15 -1,17 @ 20  c
pH (1 % solution): 1,0 – 3,0
Handling and Safety
Store in a cool, ventilated area, in plastic containers, away
from metal objects, alkalis or strong oxidising agents.
The product is irritating to skin and a severe irritant to eyes,
respiratory tracts and digestive organs. Suitable protective
clothing and masks should be worn.
Quattro Acon Cleaner is packed in 1Lt, 5Lt and 25Lt pack

Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions 1,4 × 0,5 × 0,5 cm

1LT, 210LT, 25LT, 5LT


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